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CMA Durham Workshop

The Competition and Market Authority’s (CMA) Microeconomics Unit, the Department of Economics and the Durham Research in Economic Analysis and Mechanisms (DREAM) Research Centre organised a workshop on the topic of “Innovation, business dynamism and market power”,  on 6-7 November 2023 at the Durham University Business School (DUBS). The workshop was designed to facilitate a dialogue between academic researchers and policymakers trying to understand what makes an economy competitive, innovative and productive.

The workshop featured keynote speeches by Sara Calligaris (OECD)  and Jan De Loecker (KU Leuven), as well as a policy panel of senior UK policymakers.

The workshop featured papers on the following topics:

  • Aggregate market power and markup estimation
  • Business dynamism and input reallocation across firms
  • Start-ups, scale-ups and M&A activity
  • Determinants of firm innovation and R&D choices
  • The effect of innovation and R&D policies on economic outcomes
  • Potential contributors to the UK productivity slowdown

Please find the workshop programme here: CMA Durham Workshop Programme.

The organising committee:

Tom Farmer (CMA)

Spyros Galanis (DUBS)

Fizza Jabbar (CMA)

John Moffat (DUBS)

Jakob Schneebacher (CMA)

Please find information about the policy panel here.